Raine Amou & Ryan Shima

Raine had met Alexander along with Ryan when he was a teenager, in German. They are friends when they went there as student abroad. He sad to hear that Raine's death and the missing of Ryan.

Genjuro Kazanari

Genjuro and Alexander was friend when Raine introduced him after Sky Feder was formed.

Tsukasa Amakawa

Tsukasa and Alexander are good friends since they were teenagers, they have been chatting online for sometime.

2015-05-02 14'44'38

Alexander trusted Riki

Tsukasa Amakawa 10

Riki Ryugasaki & Rinne Utau

Alexander trusted Riki to take Regina along with him and take a good care of her. Alexander met Rinne for once when Tsukasa took her abroad in German, he also trusted her too.

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