Archelaos Granfernes
Minor Character(TOA)1
Kanji アルゼリオス ・グランフェルネス
Romaji Aruzeriosu Guranferunesu
Dubbed Archelaos Granfernes
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 60+
Hair Color Khaki
Eye Color Black
Occupation/s King (Former)
Head of the Council
General of Military
Status Alive
Japanese CV Tesshō Genda
Archelaos Granfernes or also known as Archelaos The Eighth (アルゼリオス ・キン ・八世 Aruzeriosu Kin Hachisei), he was the king of Grand Chokmah then he past it to his son, Alexander. He's now the current leader of the council and in charge of the military.


Archelaos is an old man with khaki yellow hair and tan skinned. He has mustache, a pair of glasses and wears in grey and blue uniform with a harp symbol on the chest part.

General Information

Archelaos is the father of Alexander and the grandfather of Natalia and Regina.

He past the throne to his son and become the head of the council and he was a militarist along with Leonteus, who is his nephew.

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