Asuka Kami
Kanji 神扇アスカ
Romaji Kamiougi Asuka
Dubbed Asuka Kami
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 12
Hair Color Orange with Blue Strands
Eye Color Green
Occupation/s B-Shot
Teenage Model
B-Daman Driff Jaku
Status Alive
Japanese CV Yuichi Iguchi
English CV Jeff Nimoy

Asuka Kami is a character appearing in the anime series, Cross Fight B-Daman. He is North City player, whose B-Daman is Drift Jaku.


Asuka (アスカ -飛鳥-) - means Flying Bird

Kamiougi (神扇) - means God and Folding Fan. This suits him considering that his B-Daman is a peacock and he is always seen with a fan accessory.

Official Bio

A B-Shot hailing from the North Block.

His B-Daman, Drift Jaku, can fire the irregular Curve Shot.

He is a charismatic, but narcissistic, child model with a strong sense of beauty.

He always carries a folding fan.


Asuka is a tall and fair-skinned orange-haired young man sporting a Japanese-style clothing. He is notable for his androgynous features and graceful mien; all of which are ideal for his job as a model. He is also always seen carrying a folding fan.


Asuka first came out as an egoist and narcissist but after losing to Riki, he warmed up to him and acknowledged him as his "eternal rival." Asuka would later aid riki and Co. with his share of fortune such as when he gave a luxurious hotel accomodation for them in the North City and when he gave a plane ride to Reggie, Hugo and Gunner.

Asuka is also enamored with Sumi's enthusiasm and poetic skills.


  • His androgynous looks and traditional Japanese leitmotifs are aesthetically similar to the character Ryutaro Fukami from Metal Fight Beyblade.
  • His hairstyle resembles that of Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


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