Aurora Wavern
Black Dia
Wavern in Black Diamond Mode
General Information
Kanji オウロラ=ワイバン
ブラック ヂア (Alias)
Romaji Ourora Waiban
Burakku Daiya
Dubbed Aurora Wavern
Black Dia
User/s Rin/Rinne Utau
Special Move/s Dark Cradle
Shining Black (Emblem Charge)
First Appearance EC007 (Cameo)
EC009 (Actual)
Japanese CV Nao Takamori
English CV Katie Griffon
Aurora Wavern is the evolved b-daman of Wavern. Now Wavern is a Power and Rapid-fire hybrid-type b-daman and now currently owned by Rin Shirotama (Rinne Utau).

Wavern has another mode in the form which is called Black Diamond mode, in this mode, she or Rinne have the power to control, command or hypnotized people but only can activated when Rinne character change with her.


Just like its previous form, Wavern is a white dragon covered with white scales but this time, it has Thistle colored and diamond shaped jewel-like markings and its inner portion is pale blue violet colored skin. She has claws, a pair of white wing (pale blue violet inner portion) that attached to her whole arms and a matching tail to her body. There's feather-like spikes from back of her neck until end of her tail and there's a opal at its tail. Additional, Wavern's eye balls are in black color and red pupil.

In Black Diamond Mode, it body become black. Its covered with black scales, its inner portion is silver colored. The wing (Inner portion) became Dark Violet, it still has claws, and has feathery spikes, and a pure opal at the tail. Its eyes become Black and white pupils.


Just like her previous form, Wavern is a b-daman who is a calm, gentle, has a motherly behavior to Rinne and talks in polite manner except if she get angered by other include b-damans who doesn't know about "True Friend" and the feeling of "Being Betrayed", the b-daman who most often scold by her is Dharak who is Millay's b-daman and its owner is Rinne's hatred Rival.

Notable B-Daman Parts

Wavern had a upgrade to her b-daman parts. This time her emblem parts, the pads turn into diamond-shaped.


Wavern appears to be based off the mystical creature Wyvern, a reptile-dragon like creature whose arms are connected to the wings. Also their names are very similar.


  • She is the first hybrid dragon type b-daman.

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