This the third episode in B Daman:TruePower

B-Daman TruePower:EP3
General Information
Author TrisJongco
Illustrator TrisJongco
Chapter Number EP3
Published by TrisJongco
Preceded Nov 30,2015
Succeeded Dec 1,2015
Previous B-Daman TruePower:EP2
Next B-Daman TruePower:EP4

Summary Edit

The JTeam and B-shots decided to explore the world before tracking the B-Daman down,They showed where the JTeam met and How those the music in this world works.

Read Edit

EP003:New World,New Adventure

Trivia Edit

  • The song that Jane Jong and Sean danced,Break a Sweat,is already Referenced
  • This is the first episode where the IVC was mentioned but did not mentioned the name

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