The B-Masters are a set of four top-ranking B-Shots featured in B-Daman Fireblast. They control the four sections of Crestland, and the rules of B-Daman in them.



The B-Masters are among the elite of Crestland's B-Shots, each one holding dominion over the B-Shot's in their designated area in the region. They answer to the only B-Shot that outranks them; the Grand B-Master. Kamon Day was once the B-Master of the Southern Area, but was 'exiled' from that position when he lost his Drive Garuburn's B-Animal and his memories after a harsh, devastating defeat by his older brother, Roma Day, the Grand B-Master of Crestland.

B-Daman Fireblast

In Episode 11, it is revealed that nobody holds the title of "Eastern B-Master". Roma offers the chance to become the Eastern B-Master to anyone who can win the B-Master Battle Tournament.

In Episode 12, Dark Kamon defeats Riki Ryugasaki in the B-Master Battle finals, becoming the Eastern B-Master.

In Episode 13, Riki defeats Dark Kamon in a Road Fight. Due to Kamon's memories being returned, he is reinstated as the Southern B-Master, while Riki is promoted to Eastern B-Master. This also corresponds with the statues in both sections of Crestland.

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