This episode is the very first episode of B Daman:TruePower,

B-Dama TruePower:EP1
General Information
Author TrisJongco
Illustrator TrisJongco
Chapter Number EP1
Published by TrisJongco
Preceded Oct 25,2015
Succeeded Nov 18,2015
Next B-Daman TruePower:EP2

Summary Edit

At the WBMA,they have located a signal from a parallel dimension,they have to call all of they're best B-Shots and to take them to the dimension

Read Edit

EP001:Call the Bshots!New Bdaman!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the very first article of TrisJongco
  • When Bakuga said they have a communicator to communicate with the WBMA,It is not shown how they gave it to them

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