Blitz Dragonoid
Blitz Dragonoid-Game
General Information
Kanji ブリトズ=ドラゴノイド
Romaji Buritozu Doragonoido
Dubbed Blitz Dragonoid
User/s Ryuken Shima
Special Move/s Blitz Reflector
Blitz Superior
First Appearance EC008
Japanese CV Keiji Fujiwara
English CV Jason Deline

Blitz Dragonoid or nicknamed as "Drago", is one of the "Eleven Dragons" of Chrome City. Drago has "The Red Dragon of Passionate Flame" as its b-animal, its counterpart is Dharak. Drago is a power-type b-daman and owned by Ryuken.


Drago is a humanoid dragon who has sharp wings and feet, and a long, sharp, horn on the end of the snout. He has claws on his fingers and feets. His body is red in color with white and yellow accents. End of his tail has a trident-like spikes.


A young Dragonoid nicknamed Drago act liked a leader of the b-daman after Dragold and Naga were sealed. He has the ability to radiate intense heat from his body in battle dissolving everything around him, and is equipped with high intelligence. He cares for his owners and family. He served his owner, Ryuken with loyalty. After Riki and them make up become friends once more, he usually get along well with Garuburn and Dracyan.

Notable B-Daman Parts

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Blitz - an intensive or sudden military attack which resembles Drago's fighting style.

Dragonoid - Is derived from Dragon.


  • Drago is a bakugan from Bakugan TV Series.