Chris Marrose
[[File:No Image
No Image
No Image (MALE)
Alias/s Christian

Lover boy(Jane) Rebelson(Sam)

Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 14
Hair Color black(w/red highlights)
Eye Color red
Occupation/s Agent


B-Daman none
Status Alive
First Appearance EP002
Christian "Chris" Marrose is a Main character in B Daman:TruePower and known as the Rebel or The Bad boy in the Team.

Appearance Edit

He is tall as Bakuga and his hair is Spiky with Red highlights in the ends,He wears a Light blue vest and underneath it is a sleevless Black-n-Red strpped torso,black boots,black pants(with a chain hanging on its edge).

Personality Edit

Chris is described as the Bad boy in HAC History,especially when it comes to Harvey Santon,Chris Rebels at Harvey's plan and he talks back at him whenever Harvey is trying to explain about his behavior,according by Paul,He never quits his very own strageties.

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