Cyborg Helios
Cyborg Helios-Game
General Information
Kanji サイボウグ=ヘリオス
Romaji Saibougu Heriosu
Dubbed Cyborg Helios
User/s Ryukai Kuromi
Special Move/s Chaos Shock Cannon (Off screen)
Defuse Quasar
First Appearance EC009
Japanese CV Takasi Matsuyama
English CV Robert Tinkler
Cyborg Helios is the evolved form of Viper Helios, its current owner is Ryukai Kuromi.


Helios is a dragon with black scales and his inner portions is red with the pectorals are black in colored which made him like wearing an armor. There's pikes cover its arms and shoulders while hardened rumpled skin protects its legs from attacks. He has two horns point in both directions to defend its head. Colossal wings allow Helios to fly avoiding attacks.He used his matching tail to fend off opponents during a battle. Now he has mechanic armors all over his body.


Helios is just like his previous form, is a mean spirited dragon b-daman and underestimated other b-damans excluding his owner's siblings and has a great loyalty to his owner, Ryukai. Even though he has a good friend relationship with the b-damans of Ryukai's siblngs, but he has a rivalry towards Drago but in a friendly way. Until Ryukai and Riki and his friends make up and continued become friends, he has get along well with the other Dragon types b-damans and also Garuburn.

Notable B-Daman Parts Edit

Head Part

The Head Part of Viper Helios is a black color dragon like head part, that bears the same resemblance to its b-animal but with mechanic design.

Emblem Parts

Helios's Emblem Parts is a pair of semi-translucent circular dark red pegs which fit into a large designated hole on each of the B-Daman's Arm Parts. The new Black Dragon motif is printed onto them as well. When the Emblems are pushed down, extra pegs focus onto the Core Part's upper Hold Parts.

Stud Parts

The Stud Parts of Helios are circular grey studs with a triangular-designed hole in them.

Arm Parts

Helios's Arm Parts are upgrade due its evolve.

Leg Parts

The Leg Parts are upgrade due its evolve.

Core Part "Cyborg Core"

The Cyborg Core is a more powerful core than the Viper core.


Helios is the Greek name for the God of the Sun.


  • Helios is a Bakugan from Bakugan TV Series.

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