Detonate Wolg
General Information
Kanji ガンロック=ヴォルグ
Romaji Ganrokku=Vuorugu
Dubbed Detonate Wolg
User/s Ken Ogami
Special Move/s Hungry Wolf Gale Shot
Japanese CV Kanemitsu Nobuaki

Detonate Wolg is a Power Type B-Daman and owned by Ken Ogami, it appears in B-Daman Fireblast.

Notable B-Daman Parts

Head Part: Wolg Head

Clearly meant to resemble a wolf head, given the B-Daman's motif, with red wolf-eye designs and a visor in its snarling maw.

Emblem Parts

The Emblem Parts of this B-Daman are uniquely designed, somewhat like switches. When you lower these Emblems a little, power is added to the Detonate Core (see Core Part: Detonate below) for stronger shots.

Stud Parts

Gunlock=Wolg has dark brown Stud Parts.

Arm Parts: Wolg Arm

Leg Part: Wolg Leg

The feet are basic but on the back, it has slots that can accommodate Drive Garuburn's Multi Claws.

Core Part: Detonate

Detonate (Japanese: ガンロック, Gunlock) features the Gunlock Tail, a smash trigger unit similar to Smash Dragold's, but with an extra area, to prevent the finger from slipping away when trying to push down the trigger to fire, but the purpose remains the same.


  • Gunlock is a portmenteau of "gun" and "unlock".
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