Doom Dharak
Darkus Dharak
『Dharak in 3D Mode』
General Information
Kanji ヅウム=ダラク
Romaji Duumu Daraku
Dubbed Doom Dharak
User/s Millay Shiya
Special Move/s Exodus Waver
Darkess Waver
Exodus Overdrive (Combined with Dracyan's)
First Appearance EC013
Japanese CV Takaya Kuroda
English CV Tony Rosato
Doom Dharak is a black dragon-type b-daman who’s has the “Black Dragon of dark dawn”   or   “The dragon that comes from underworld”. Dharak is a control type b-daman and is owned by Millay Shiya and created by her father. Its ruin is in Southern, Chrome City.

Appearance Edit

Dharak is a black dragon with grey inner portion skin, purple claws and two horns on its head. He had red eyes and sharp teeth. It has green accents all over his body and wings. He walks in four legs, has a pair of wings and a long tail with sharp spike at the end of its tail.

Personality Edit

Dharak's rivalry with Drago unlike Hydranoid and Helios who is a friend and rival for Drago. He shows loyalty for Millay Shiya who his master. Also, his voice does not sound as sinister as Hydranoid's or Helios', having a calmer tone to that deep serious voice like Hydranoid when he first appeared.

His personality also appears to be similar to his partner, Millay, being cold, devious, quiet and hot-tempered. He search for power, so he shows hatred to all legendary dragons but after Millay and Rin puts down their hatred to each others, he and Wavern also do the same too. He may be unfriendly but he get along well with Wavern and Dravise.

Notable B-Daman Parts Edit

Etymology Edit

'Dharak' is derived from the Japanese for corruption, 堕落 (daraku), which likely refers to Dharak's corrupted, power-hungry personality.

Trivia Edit

  • Dharak is a bakugan from Bakugan TV Series.

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