PV EC001
General Information
Kanji 最初の始り
Romaji Saisho no Hajimari
Dubbed The First Beginning
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapter Number 01
Published on April 13, 2015
Published by RuriasLorelei
Next EC002
EC001 : The First Beginning is the first chapter of B-Daman Firemerge , the Story is published on April 13, 2015.


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Original Characters

Cross Fight Saga Characters


In a city, some waveform had detected by the WBMA, so they made a friendly contract. Riki them were chose to be WBMA's Representative b-shots to participant in the Exhibition Match.

In the city, Riki and Kamon were split in two groups, because the numbers of the seats. Riki them was lost in the Center City's park. Then Riki them was encountered by a mysterious girl and leads them out of the park and show the direction to the battle arena. When Riki them was just paying attention on the battle arena (Building), they turn around when they was supposed to thank the girl, she's disappeared silently which leave Riki them in wondering.

After the battle, the mysterious girl shows up again, stand behind one of the pillars, said :

"Dra--gon huh? I hoped you all dragon wielders have prepared to the tasks that will happened next in the future. We shall meet again."

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