PV EC003
General Information
Kanji 新の黒いドラゴン?バンドを見てみましょう、モアダントルウ (前編)
Romaji Atarashi no kuroi doragon? Bando wo mitemimashou, Moa Dan Toruu Senhen
Dubbed A New Black Dragon?! Meet the band, More-Than-True (Part1)
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapter Number 03
Published on April 14th 2015
Published by RuriasLorelei
Previous EC002
Next EC004
EC003 : A New Black Dragon? Meet the band, More-Than-True (Part1) is the third chapter of B-Daman Firemerge. It was release along with EC001 and EC002.


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Original Cast

Cross Fight Saga


Kamon informed Riki them that he is hosting a Cross Fight Tournament outside of Crestland and wish Riki them to participant in it which they all agreed. They all went to Cresland to make their entry to the tournament, after that they were playing Crossfire, they were interrupted by Misuru who panic running to Kamon them. Kamon them questioned why he's running. Misuru informed that there is a new black dragon type b-daman in town which to their surprise and Roma stated that he knows who has it. Roma takes Kamon them to a street where a band is performing nearby. Roma stated that the vocalist of the band is the one they are looking for which to their surprise. After the show, Roma takes Kamon them to a studio where they meet up with the band again which lead Kamon them to another surprise again. The surprise is that Rma and the vocalist are friends and his name is Ryukai Kuromi. Ryukai them introduced themselves to Kamon them and Kamon ask him do he have the black dragon type b-daman which Ryukai nods. Ryukai was challenged by Basara and Basara lose to Ryukai's two special moves which to their surprise. Kamon insisted that Ryukai to come to the Cross Fight Tournament and they leave the studio after saying goodbye. After Kamon they gone, Hiro them are having a short conversation about Ryukai wheter he do or not to participant the tournament, then a mysteries girl said came back from groceries and ask what happened?


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