PV EC004
General Information
Kanji え?!兄妹だと?!クロウス フアイト 大会 (後編)
Romaji E?! Kyoudai dato?! Kurousu Fuaito Taikai Gohen
Dubbed Eh?! They're Sibling?! The Cross Fight Tournament (Part2)
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapter Number 04
Published on 14th April 2015
Published by RuriasLorelei
Previous EC003
Next EC005
EC004 : Eh?! They're Siblings?! The Cross Fight Tournament (Part2) is the forth chapter of B-Daman Firemerge. It was released along with EC001 and the others five chapters.


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Original Cast

Cross Fight Saga


Riki and his friends arrived to the place where the Cross Fight Tournament held. Riki them are prepare dinner and play for tonight before tomorrow. Kamon drag Riki, Novu, Samuru, Basara, Jenta, Bakuga go for groceries and which shock Kamon that is out stocked. Then they encounter the worker's son which told that there's a cool teacher who know all about B-Damans which interest Riki them and they followed the kid which leads them to a girl who revealed to be Rinne Utau.

Rinne was greeted by Kamon and his friends. She was invited to join their barbecue party tonight which Rinne agreed. In the barbecue party, there are three lads appears is More-Than-True and also surprise Riki them that Rinne and Ryukai are siblings. The next day, Ryukai participants the tournament which excited Kamon and Riki. During the tournament, there's were people was going to crash the tournament and their motivation is to take away the b-damans and b-masters as Hostage but stop by a mysteries girl who claimed herself "The Overall Boss of Western." In the tournament, Ryukai and Kamon are having their battle in the finals which appears to be Ryukai won it. After that Kamon them are asked do something happened in the stadium by his father and replied no. They were informed that they were some one try to break into the stadium which made they curious where and who are they. In the end, the mysteries girl appears again and said "So Silent Phantom is behind all of this. Looks like there's no time to waste, isn't it?".


  • Its revealed that Rinne and Ryukai are siblings.
  • There's is a mysteries gang and mysteries person appears in the stories.
  • Riki and Samuru's feelings toward Rinne is shown in story.

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