PV EC005
General Information
Kanji 来た!クロウム シチえ!聖なる竜の遺跡
Romaji Kita! Kuroumu Shiti ye! Seinaru Ryuu no Yiseki
Dubbed Chrome City! Here we come! To the Dragon Ruin
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapter Number 05
Published on April 14th 2015
Published by RuriasLorelei
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Next EC006

EC005 : Chrome City! Here we come! To the Dragon Ruin is the fifth chapter of the story, it was released along with EC001 and the other five chapters.


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Cross Fight Saga


In the WBMA, there were many archeologist gathering at the research facility, Himiko is one of them. In the morning, Kamon them were told that Himiko and Gennosuke are going to Chrome City to investigate the Ancient Dragon Ruins and Kamon them are welcome to join them.

Himiko explains why they're going and why start to continue investigate again. After they arrived, they were amazed by the scenery of the "White Jade Dragon of Light and Life" ruin. They went in and walking more deeper in the ruin and they met up a dead end of a vast area with pictures on the wall. Himiko them start to collecting data. Until afternoon, they finished collecting data and when about to get back to the WBMA, Himiko suggested no which made Kamon them curious.

Himiko stated that even they have the data bu they needs helps from the locals because they knew better than us. Kamon and his friends followed Himiko to an airport nearby. They questioned why they here, id she planning them go back home by plane, then Kamon they spotted something shining brightly on the tree nearby which surprise Kamon them. Its -


  • Himiko mentioned a person named Raine and said "Looks like it can't stopped too long, isn't it Raine?"
  • This is first chapter to shown the White Jade Dragon Ruin.

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