PV EC007
General Information
Kanji クロウムシチの伝説十一竜の物語
Romaji Kuroumu Shiti no Densetsu juuichi ryuu no Monogatari
Dubbed The Eleven Legendary Dragons Tales in Chrome City
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapter Number 07
Published on April 14th
Published by RuriasLorelei
Previous EC006
Next EC008

EC007 : The Eleven Legendary Dragons Tales in Chrome City is the seventh chapter of B-Daman Firemerge, it was released along with EC001 and the other 5 chapters.


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Original Cast



Cross Fight Saga


Himiko finished analyzed the data that she got from the ruins while Grandpa Takakura stated that looks like the time has come which Gennosuke agreed. Meanwhile, at an unknown battle arena, there were 4 persons also stated that the time had finally come.

At the WBMA, Riki them were called to gathered at the WBMA by Himiko that she had finishing analyzing the data and told them about the history of Chrome City but it was a role plot for the White Jade Dragon of Light and Life because it was taken from its own ruin.

Himiko and Gennosuke started to explain the history and the role plot of White Jade Dragon in Chrome City. They learned that Dracyan them all actually created by positive energy meanwhile the other two dragons who are twin are created by Negative Energy. They also learned that the brother want to take over the world and had a fight with his sister with the other dragons help on each side. Each twin dragons met two priestesses called Fine and Simula who are also sisters, Fine helped the brother dragon and Simula helped the sister dragon. It turn out to be the sister won, to prevent her brother once again went berserk to take over the world, she had no choice to sealed her own brother. They story end without a full ending, Himiko stated that there are missing pieces so they can fully analyzed it and Gennosuke also stated that may be there will be missing pieces in other ruins too.

Himiko get serious and told Riki them may be the history will interact again, which made Riki them nervous, when she can finish her sentence, they were interrupt by Rory who is in panic. They questioned her what going on, she told them that the WBMA just received an urgent message from Chrome City is- Is a Contract Termination message which shocked Riki them.


  • A new mysteries enemy appears in this chapter.
  • This is the chapter of the Symphony Company made a contract termination with the WBMA.

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