PV EC009
General Information
Kanji 新謎の敵現れた
Romaji Atarashii Nazo no Teki Arawareta
Dubbed A new Mystery Enemy
Author RuriasLorelei
Illustrator RuriasLorelei
Chapter Number 09
Published on April 30th 2015
Published by RuriasLorelei
Previous EC008
Next EC010

EC009 : A new Mystery Enemy is the ninth chapter of B-Daman Firemerge, it was release on April 30th 2015 along with EC010.


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Original Cast



Cross Fight Saga


Previous Story, Ryukai them declared a war (challenge) toward Riki them who are left with the other b-shots. in the next GP Series Tournament. At the Stadium, to make the challenge more interesting of Riki them defeat all of them, they will tell Riki them more about the Dragons of Chrome City.

After the preliminaries, there are 16 comparators who got in to the finals are A mysteries b-shot, Samuru, Riki, Ryukai, Ryuken, Rimai, Kamon, Novu, Bakuga, Basara, Jenta, Yuki, Simon, Misuru, Ken, Hugo. After two rounds, the 8 comparators who got in is the mysteries b-shot, Samuru, Riki, Kamon, Basara, Ryukai, Rimai and Novu.

Later who got into the semifinals are Ryukai, the mysteries b-shot, Samuru and Riki but unexpected that Riki lost to Samuru so Samuru and the mysteries b-shot got into final. In the last match, Samuru lost to the mysteries b-shot and the mysteries b-shot named Rin Shirotama.


  • Helios evolved into Cyborg Helios.
  • Yuki, Kamon Jenta, Basara, Bakuga, Novu, Samuru lost and data were taken.

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