EMH ― Seimine Academy
General Information
Kanji EMH ― 聖峰学園
Romaji EMH ― Seimine Gakuen
Dubbed EMH ― Seimine Academy
Ruled by Tsukasa Amakawa
Status Active
First Appearance SV005
EMHSeimine Academy (EMH ― 聖峰中立学園 EiemuhechiSeimine Gakuen "Elementary, Middle and High School "EMH ー 小学校,中学校 と 高校" ) is a grand fictional academy (Grades 1 - 12) in Chrome City. They are in Center City. There are elementary, junior and senior high sections. The academy’s principle is Tsukasa Amakawa who they also call "Chairman" .


Seimine Academy is designed to look like a large castle, with countless windows, little towers, and colorful stain glass.


Staff Members

Known Students


There consists of only two major class sections per grade: Star Class and Moon Class. At least three sub-classes per grade. The level of the grades are decided to located on which floors; 1-4th grade are on the lowest floor, 1st floor while 5-8th grade are located on the second floor and 9-12th grade are located on the third floor, the teachers and presidents' room are located on the highest two floors.. Some classes students have been seen taking are: Art, Gym, Home Economics, Math, Japanese and English.

Class Star Members:

Class Moon Members:


Seimine Academy has a number of clubs and teams, including:

  • The Guardians - Seimine Academy's student council
  • Soccer - Seimine Academy has an outstanding soccer team, as shown by the fact that they tied a game with the team from the most prestigious school for soccer. Members of the soccer team include: Kukai Souma (Captain), Ryukai Kuromi and Ryuken Kouno.
  • Basketball - Seimine Academy also has a fairly good basketball team, seeing how they beat another school really badly. Members of the basketball team include: Kukai Soumo (Helper, Ex-Captain).
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Judo
  • Baseball
  • Archery

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