This is the list of the uniforms in Seimine Academy.

For 1 - 7th Grade Student

Male Student's Uniform

Tadase Hotori

Tadase wearing the Royal Cape

For lower grader, Boys wear long-sleeved white shirts but with a blue tie, black blazers with white cuffs, blue-checker shorts which long until the knee, long white socks (usually), the school's Brown satchel bag and black school shoes. The school allows students wears long blue-checker pants and boots.

Female Student's Uniform

Rima Mashiro

A girl wearing the uniform

For lower grader, Girls wear a long-sleeved white shirt, a red tie, a black blazer but some without white cuffs, a red checker skirt, long white socks (usually), black school shoes, and the school's brown satchel bag. Students can wear bows, ribbons, belts, high heels, and high boots, however this is mostly Lynné.

For 8 - 12th Grade Student

Male Student's Uniform


Kukai and Daichi

For higher grader, Boys wear long sleeved white shirt underneath a black blazer with white cuffs and lined on collars and golden buttons on its lower part of the blazer. Wearing Black matching long pants, green checker colored tie and black school shoes. The school allow student to wears sport shoes and boots instead school shoes.

Female Student's Uniform

For Higher Grader, girls wears a black coat and blazer-like dress with no cuffs but instead white frills, gold buttons and white lined on its collars. Girls also need to wears a grey corset with red ribbon, black heeled shoes, wears a magenta violet checker tie and at the end of the dress is magenta checker colored patterned. The school allows students to wear long version dress, high heels, boots, or black tights too.

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