Author's note

"Ok guys,so heres the very first episode of B Daman True Power,so after I'm done with this comment down below if you like it or not so yea"


(At the WBMA,two male agents were just chillin out then suddenly the buzzer was buzzing so loud.....)

Male 1:Eh?whats this?

Male 2:looks like theres something coming!thats Impossible!

Male 1:What is it?

Male 2:it looks like its not coming from here,its coming from a another world!call Mr.Takakura!

Male 1:RIGHT!!!!

Male 1:*Running towards Mr.Takakura* Mr.Takakura!we've found something big!!!something that is a Bdaman but more powerful!and its located at a another world.

Rory:what?! another world?no,That can't be! Its to dangerous!

Mr.Takakura:*shooks down head* Rory,it looks like there is a bdaman located somewhere from this world,[pulls head up]call the Bshots!tell them they have to be here immediatly,NOW!.

Male 1:Yes Sir!


Mr.Takakura:there is something out there Rory,something that can destroy the Galaxy,something even bigger,something that...................can bring us all to the end.

(At the South area,all of the B Daman fireblast characters are playing/training for the next tournament)

Simon:KIsha!Kisha!I've defeated you bumblebee boy and I will defeat you again!

Misuru:Vroom!Vroom! are you sure? cuz I've been friends with the New Grand B-Master!

Ken:Until now,they are still fighting like that?

Samuru:Eh Ignore them,let them be embarassed by themselves

Kamon:well....they both have something in common like one:they keep on repeating they're catchphrases,two: they are both small,and three:they're both twelve.

The boys agreed,Then a guy from WBMA ran towards them and said......

Male 1:(Heavy Breathing)B Shots! I came from WBMA and to tell you the Important news.

Bakuga:What is it?

Male 1:Mr.Takakura needs to see you all at the WBMA right now!


Male 1:You'll know why

~At the WBMA.2:30PM~

Male 1:Right this way please

There was a room,it was Mr.Takakura's Office with Rory....

Rory:Have a seat

Mr.Takakura:WEll,Boys prepare for your next assignment 'cuz a new Threat has arrived,A new Bdaman has awaken and its located at a new Planet that is similar to ours.


Yuki:are my ear drums ruined or did we heard it right?new Bdaman?another earth-like Planet?

Mr.Takakura:I know it sounds crazy,but it is your mission to stop evil from Earth,and this BDaman is more than Dragold and Galucian.

Simon: So whats your suggestion?

Mr.Takakura:I suggest all of you to go to this world to track down this B Daman before its too late!

Jenta:Ugh....that sounds too much for us

Mr.Takakura:I was hoping for that word to come out(shows a system)

Ken:Woah!whats that?!?!

Rory:Its a System that can open a portal to teleport to another dimension

Misuru and Simon:COOL!!!

Mr.Takakura:I've already talked to the government of this dimension and they said who will be Heading to the HAC for you to team up with.


Mr.Takakura:Yes,Heroes Association Center,starting Tomorrow boys you will be heading to this dimension,you may also bring some company with you


Garuburn:That sounds good for me!


~Everyone are outside the WBMA,9:45am~

Mr.Shira:Now Bakuga,Promise me that you will stay safe.

Bakuga:I will,and besides the WBMA gave us communicating watches to communicate with them.

Himiko:Kamon,Aona and Roma I want all of you to stick together as a family we are.

Greg:Yeah,me and your mother are staying here,Roma your in-charge

Roma:Yeah-Yeah I got this,I'll take care of them for good(Looks at Kamon,Kamon looks back at Roma)

Mr.Takakura:Alright then,Lets get this thing going(Press button on system)

(The system suddenly opens a shimmering blue portal...Everyone got inside the portal including the Crossfire Characters,when it was Kamons turn,he looked back and saw everyone waving goodbye,he smiled and took a step forward inside the portal)



Too short?or is it bad?comment down below please:D

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