9:14am/At Tripress island [It was the last day of WBMA's investigation on Tripress. The employees are packing up their stuff while Himiko and the rest are discussing what they discovered in the secret passage]

Employee/Traveler(male):We have found a tablet sir!

Gennosuke:A tablet?

Employee/Traveler(male):Yes sir *puts tablet on the table*

Himiko:We must bring this back to Crestland


1:37pm/At AONA'S Kamon's POV

"We were outside at Aona's to play Crossfire with our new friend, Ren Yamada.His playing Crossfire against Ken"


Jenta:Wow! The new guys is working out perfectly


Riki:Hey Tankshell, did you felt a strange glow yesterday?

Tankshell:Yeah, its really odd

Mitsuru:Stinger too!

Novu:Everyone's B Daman was glowing red!

Dragren:except Garuburn and Dracyan

Derek:did you guys felt any disturbances?

Garuburn:No actually

Dracyan:it was like a deep slumber

Ren's POV

"I watched our marbles hit the break ball"

Ken:Not bad for a power type newbie

Ren:what can I say...

"I sounded so boastful"

Ren:.. Those training years paid off

Kamon:Oh Really? Hey wanna battle with me?

Ren:Yeah sure as soon as I finish the others

Kamon:okay then! Hey Bakuga.. *runs*

Ren:So you guys play Crossfire here everyday?

Yuki:Yeah! If your free on any days, you can come here for Crossfire.

"I noticed two guys were arguing while playing Crossfire at our opposite side"

Simon:KISHA! KISHA!I won fair and square!

Mitsuru:VROOM!VROOM! Nu-uh! It was me the final point was mine!

Dravise:its a draw!


"I asked Yuki.. "

Ren:Do they act like this?

Yuki:*laughs* you'll get use to it.

2:26pm/At Somewhere dark(a lair) [the camera shows a group of four people standing behind an unknown boy holding an unknown B Daman on his hands while two adult figures bowed their heads]

???(woman):We've found theB guardians.

??? (boy2):Where?

??? (Man):We've located them in Crestland.

??? (boy4):Crestland? I haven't been there for a long time.


???(boy1):So you know this place, Kuno?

??? (Man): We moved from Crestland to here in VivaCity.4 years ago,we told you kids that.

??? (boy3):Alright alright...

??? (girl):Can you go to Crestland to investigate?

???(boy4):Sure..I'll try

??? (woman):I'll prepare a transportation for you,sweetie

???(boy4):mom..*leaves with the woman*

??? (boy3):*snickers*Yeah,Listen to your mommy..

??? (boy2):*hits his elbow with his elbow*


???(man):We'll try our best to support you kids.

???(b daman):the legend must go on..

???(boy1):of course,Victor....OF COURSE

5:57pm/At AONA'S backyard


"It was a girl's voice .The woman's hair was red and wearing a safari coat,I recognize it!"



[The two siblings ran to their mother and hugged her]

Himiko:You miss me, both?

Aona:Why didn't you texted or even called?

Himiko:I was really busy at the point!

Kamon:So how was the investigation?

Himiko:I'll tell you later

Kamon:Hey Mom, Let me introduce to you my new friend*looks at Ren*

Ren:Uh.. Hi again Ms, Day

"I force a smile at her"

Himiko:Hello there,Whats your name?

Ren:My names Ren.

Himiko:Wow.. what a wonderful B Daman you have there.

Ren:Oh his name is Smash Bonzo.


Garuburn:too shy?


Ren:Oh his really shy when it comes to meet-

Bonzo:-*Coughs loud*EHEM!


Himiko:Well then, do you wanna have dinner with us?

"I noticed the sky was getting darker, it was getting late..OH NO!! "

Ren:OH NO! Sorry, its getting late. My auntie and uncle...

Himiko:Oh its okay, Where do you live?

Kamon:Oh mom,He just moved here

Ren:beside a junk shop the name again..B Junk?

Kamon:Really?thats my dad's Junk shop

Ren:Oh umm okay?

Himiko:Well okay then Ren,I hope you had fun today with my son

Ren:Yeah I did!

Kamon:Wait! What about our battle?

"Ugh... I forgot! "

Ren:Oh yeah!I forgot! How about tomorrow?


Ren:Yeah tomorrow *opens gate*I'll see ya guys tomorrow morning! *closes*BYE!


"OH SHOOT! I'm 7 minutes late! Aunt Gigi is gonna flip! I ran , good thing Kamon's house is near"

Ren:Oh Man! What is Aunt Gigi gonna say?

Bonzo:Relax your just 7 minutes late! Your clock in the building might be 7 minutes late too!

Ren:I don't care!you know how strict aunt Gigi is!I gotta get there really early!

"I ran to the front door and knocked to check if anyone is at home"

Ren:*deep breathes*

[A young woman opened the door;she has short jungle green hair who wears a black n white striped tank top underneath a denim jacket, green knee leggings , teal colored flats and has dark blue eyes. She looks 20 or above years old;She looked really furious when looking at Ren,her eyes was bursting in flames while her teeth became sharp]


"She dragged me inside by pinching my right ear, OUCHH.. I mean who does that?"

Gigi:Come here you!

"She pushed me to our mustard colored sofa at our living room"

Gigi:Where were you!?!?

Ren:I-I was at my friends playing Crossfire... I-it took me so long for me to battle each one of them...

Gigi:So playing Crossfire is more to you than getting your butt kicked by...

??? (Male):Now now.. Sis.. Our nephew was just having fun with his new friends.

[A young man with curly brown hair and sky blue eyes in glasses walked towards them with a mug of hot chocolate;he was wearing a collared white shirt under a dark blue V neck sweater with neon green lines,green pants and orange chuckka shoes;his name is Kento Yamada!his Ren's uncle.again with Gigi,he looks around mid 20s]

Kento:Maybe its time to change the rules.I mean,we just moved here two weeks ago.

Gigi:Yeah right,tell it to this guy holding Bonzo on his hand

Bonzo:Please don't drag me into this conversation

Kento:*giggles* here *gives Ren a mug of hot chocolate* You must be thirsty..or hungry.

Ren:Nah *sips* I already ate at that cafe at the other street


Ren:Yeah!*sips* one of my friend's live their with his sister.

Kento:Okay..*grabs his brown sling bag* I better go find a job.

Bonzo:During this time of the night?

Gigi:Look Ren,how are we gonna get money if I'm here cleaning the house and your uncle not getting a job?

Kento:I'll be back around 8 *opens the door*I'll see you both later*closes the door*

Ren:See ya Uncle!


Gigi:In your room NOW


" I went upstairs to go to my room.As I went inside,I shut the door closed and dived onto my bed."

Ren:*groans*what a day!

Bonzo:the only thing you did today was playing Crossfire!

Ren:Yeah but it was still exhausting *looks up at Bonzo*by the way,remember you powered down yesterday along with Leo?


Bonzo:Kinda,it felt something can't explain it

"just before Bonzo finishes his sentence,we heard a sound from my window.then someone threw a rock at the window.WHAT NOW???? I opened my window and saw Kamon Day standing outide my house"


Bonzo:What are you guys doing here?

Kamon:You forgot our battle bro!

Ren:Dude,didn't I say "how about tomorrow"?

Kamon:C'mon!how about a quick battle?

"WTF?!?!?is he addicted to B Daman or what?"

Ren:Okay fine!

Bonzo:Wait what about Aunt Gigi?

Ren:Lets not just tell her

"I got myself out of the window and went back to AONA'S with Kamon"

7:06pm/At AONA'S

"Our battlefield is power push and is at the backyard of their Resturaunt.Kamon and I stood at the opposite sides while facing each other"

Ren:Man,you got a huge passion for B daman,don't you?

Garuburn:You could say that again.

Kamon:Why are you asking?How about you?

Ren:Of course I have!

Kamon:Then prove it here.






Kamon:Ye...Hah! *shoots a marble*

Ren:*whispers*Dang it

Bonzo:C'mon Ren!


[Ren shoots a marble to the paddle]

Ren:1 out of 5! A draw

Kamon:Don't call this a tie yet! *launches a marble*

Ren:*launches a marble towards the same paddle*

[Both marble are fighting towards each other but Ren's was cleared out]

Ren:Woah! His also a Power type!

Bonzo:That didn't surprise you?

" (-_-|||) ugh.... " NO one's POV

A young man with curly brown hair with glasses walked pass by AONA'S backyard. He heard a loud B Daman noise. He turned around to Kamon and Ren Fighting and is surprised that his nephew (Ren) was there.

Kamon's POV

Ren:No more Mr Nice guy! *launches another marble*

[Again, their marbles are fighting to meet but Ren cleared Kamon's and immediately launches the other paddle push]


en= 3/5 Kamon=1/5

Kamon:You kidding me?!


Kamon:His incredibly fast!

Garuburn:Yeah! Kamon, Let's just keep it up the knotch!


Both:Rapid Fire mode!

[Kamon lauches a lot of marbles towards the paddle and moved to the other and launches again]

"we both got 3/5, 2 marbles ahead and I'm gonna win! "

Ren:Knocking Rapid Fire mode!

Bonzo:Our Turn!

Both:Rapid Fire mode!

Ren:so it will be fair enough!


Ren:C'mon Bonzo! *launches his 3 marbles at once and forms an armored bear*

Kamon:Oh no you don't! *launches 3 marbles too and forms into a giant bird*

[The marbles again,fought to meet and causing a strong breeze in the battlefield]

Ren:I love B Daman No matter what! Especially with this battle with you, bro!

Kamon:Yeah you would!


"We stooped because we saw a light from my house, Someone turned it on. Then my mom came in with her sleeping wear getting ready for bed. She came in with a guy I haven't met yet. He has curly brown hair with glasses, and wearing a cardigan and a sling bag"

Himik:Kamon? Ren? What are you still doing here? I thought you went back home.

Ren:Oh sorry Ms. Day! Your son just wants to continue our battle.

Himiko:Oh really? Kamon, I thought you were tired of all that training?

Kamon:*scratches back*Well, I gues I'm still fired up.


Himiko:all right. Ren, Your brother is here to pick you up.

"Brother? I didn't knew he had a brother. "

???(Male):Uncle! Sorry, I'm his uncle

Himiko:Oh pardon! I'm sorry, you look younger.

"Forget what I said"

Kento:Ren, C'mon let's go home! Aunt Gigi will get mad at you for sneaking out!

Ren:What!! *makes shy and funny expressions*How did she know?!?!? *points at Hayato*HOW DID YOU KNOW?!?!?!? you LEFT THE HOUSE!!

Kento:*giggles*I knew it. My sister never lets you go outside at this time. Let's go home*smiles*

Ren:Okay! *runs to Kento but stops and turns around*Bye Kamon!

Bonzo:Its nice battling the two of you!

Kamon:Yeah sure! See ya tomorrow!

"I smiled and got inside the house"

------------------------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------------------------------

It took me a week to make this lol

*whispers*I'm a bad author..  SEE YOU GUYS IN CHAPTER 5! A new character will appear!!

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