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Harvey's's POV

^I walked right pass by Riki and Kamon on my way to the JTeam Office,Then Kamon greeted me...^

 Kamon:Yo Harv!

Harvey:Hi!and don't call me that please,BRO

Kamon:C'mon,Its a great name man,and besides,We don't talk that much is that fo'sure 

Harvey:Yup!we don't(-_-)

Riki:Anyway,wanna come and sit with us at lunch?

Harvey:umm..Sure thing!I mean Since we're both successful in our goals,we should get to know each other better 

Kamon:sounds like a plan

^We walked right into the cafeteria door and We could see that Table 7(Jenta,Bakuga,Ken,Misuru and Roma ),then Table 3(Kaito,Grizz,Yuki,Simon,Samuru,Novu,Dereck),Table 5 (Reggie,Asuka,Gunner and Hugo is),then we have Table 8 (Sumi and Aona,),Table 2(Basara,Ryan and his Band),And Finally Table 4 (Chris,Jane,Paul and Sam),Anyway,There was an empty seat at Table 1^

Kamon:Hey Harv!

Harvey:Don't call me that

Kamon:YeahYeah,Why is table 1 empty seated?

Harvey:oh,Table 1 is a special seat for the successful ones,since we're successful......*Seats at Table 1*Take a seat! 


Riki:Hey,I'm gonna go get our food

Kamon and Harvey:OK!

Misuru's POV

^I was eating lunch and wondering wheres Kamon,then I asked^

Misuru:Hey guys,have you seen Kamon around?



Jenta:Me neither

Roma:Yup!his over there at Table 1 with Harvey and Riki

Misuru:Really?*Turns to his right*Woah!

Bakuga:Looks like it

Ken:Hmm..Maybe they're just having some more time together,I mean, We've moved here like last week and they haven't talked to each other lightly 

Misuru:Really?like you and Jane never talked since the first day you saw her? Vroom!Vroom?

Ken:*Blushes*No!Its because....ya'know....I never talked to girls after I just saw them like the very first time 

Jenta:Yeah right

Bakuga:In your Dreams Ken,I've met a girl just like Jane and I kinda think she likes me,and You know what?I don't like her back! 

Jenta:Oh,Whats her name?

Bakuga:*Fake coughs*

Jenta:Oh....!!!Her!! Its-

Paul:Hey People!Its us!

^Jenta was interrupted by Paul and The JTeam,They came to our table and said^


Sam:Misuru,Remember 5 days ago you were asking whats the IVC,Right?

Misuru:Yeah,keep talking

Jane:Well..I think its time for the answers

Misuru:Right now?

Chris:No,later after lunch at the JTeam office,be there with Kamon and Riki by your side!Later losers! 

Jane:Don't call them that! 


^And they suddenly left,Wow!just that? well at least they won't keep any secrets from us^

Roma:What was that?

Bakuga:Looks like another thing they want to confess

Misuru:Yeah,Anyway,I might have a really weird feeling about Harvey and Kamon together 

Jenta:Why?They're just having their first hangout together

Misuru:Yeah..but I'm thinking....uh...



Roma:Well,Spill the beans

Jenta:Spill it out bro!

Ken:Yeah,don't leave us hanging

Misuru:I'm thinking that Kamon will spend time with Harvey than with us!*Shuts his mouths close*


Ken:Really?thats it?You almost got us  worried


Jenta:Bakuga,LOL?nice one bro!


Roma:Its kinda funny to me


Jenta:Well*Stands up*Lets go to the office

All:Alright!*Stands up and follows Jenta*

Misuru:*stops and turns to his left*

^I stopped for a minute to see Kamon and Harvey,I could see them laughing and standing While talking^

Misuru:Vroom Vroom!Hey Kamon!

Kamon:*Turns to his left*Oh!Hey Misuru!

Misuru:C'mon!Chris said they need us in the JTeam room!

Kamon:Ok!Come on Harv!*Runs*

Harvey:*Runs*Don't Call me that!

Kamon's POV

^We ran to the JTeam's Office and saw Riki and the others gathered inside,Then the door behind us suddenly shut closed by itself^

 Paul:*Shuts the door close*

Kamon:What the...?

Harvey:Uhmm...guys whats going on?

Chris:Really?I can't believe you guys nominated him as leader in the first place

Sam:Chris,He doesn't know whats going on here and why we are gathered

Jane:Harvey,Tell them about......"Them"


Jane:*Rolls eyes*Them...?


Chris:Ugh!The IVC!!!BRO!

Harvey:Oh-Yeah!*Snaps fingers*Uh Kamon


Harvey:We need to talk to you

Kamon:Uhmm,sure!Why not?

Harvey:Remember 5 days ago,You were asking whats the IVC,Right?


Harvey:Well,IVC stands for International Villianious Company

Sam:They're a group of villians who does crime all the time

Jane:Their very dangerous to handle

Kamon:Oh-Ok!and where are they now?

Sam:We don't know yet,they haven't returned since.....

Chris:Since 2 years!Duh Sam!!


Riki:So Why are you guys keeping this a secret?

Harvey:Its complicated ya'know?

Roma:Heh!you kept that kind of secret for no reason?

Yuki:Ugh Dude thats sick!

Paul:Forget it!


Paul:What now!!!???

Sam:*Runs to monitor*Uh-no!


Sam:Oh-Dear Gs!


Sam:They're Back!!Oh G they're back!

Harvey:You mean......?

Sam:Yeah!They're in 15 Detroit street,26 blocks away!

Harvey:Ok!Everyone gear up!

Kamon:*Agrees and gets Garuburn*

Harvey:No Kamon!


Harvey:You guys are not coming!

Garuburn:What?Why not?

Harvey:Just leave it to us!*Shuts the door close and leaves*

Raydra:What was that all about?

Tankshell:Looks a hurry?

Bakuga:Whats their Problem?

Riki:We don't know

Misuru:Well,we could relax here*Lies on couch*ahh...thats better

Simon:Kisha!Kisha!*Sits on Misuru*

Misuru: OW ! get off of me! ahhh!!

Ken:Hmm,Maybe its a pretty tough mission



Garuburn:Ah!for cornsakes!Misuru is right!We should lay low a bit

Samuru:I kinda agree with him


Samuru:I said "kinda"

Riki:Alright!lets just take a break from all that fighting we had few days ago

Gen.Wayne:*Pops out from nowhere*Hold on the Fridge!

All(exept Samuru):*Screams*

Dracyan:Don't scare us like that!

Gen.Wayne:Instead of relaxing,you could...I don't know....TRAIN?



Gen.Wayne:*Snaps fingers*

^The wall behind the monitor opened by itself and lights started turning on,Its a training room for B-Daman!The gears used in Crossfire are all in here,Power Push,Break Bomber and etc.^


Simon:Kisha!Kisha!No way!   }

Ken:Thats really impressive   }

Jenta:No Kidding!                 }

Gen.Wayne:I asked the WBMA what are the materials used in your tournament,they asnwered and It took awhile 

Garuburn:This is Amazing!Kamon!We can train here and defeat Thunder Hustler!

Gen.Wayne:Still,Hold on the Fridge!

Kamon:What now?!

Gen.Wayne:Remember the different Emblem Charge System that Hustler used the last time you guys met? 


Gen.Wayne:Thanks to Sam's Research,He made a copy to that system and downloaded it to our system,then You could have the same system as he has 

Garuburn:really?!Said the word "System" Thrice

Kamon:Alright!Let's tear this Tide!

Gen.Wayne:See you all in a flash!*leaves*

Simon:Dibz on Break bomber!!!

Sumi:*Goes near at Simon*If thats so,You want a fair fight?!

Simon:*Turns red*Kisha!Kisha!Kisha!Kisha!Kisha!Kisha!Kisha!Kishaaaaaa!!

Yuki:I think I need an opponent for Power Push!

Reggie:Hugh!Leave that to me Washimura!

~2 Hours later~

POWER PUSH:                                     



BREAK BOMBER:                                   



Simon:AHH!!!*Shooks head*I got beaten up by a girl!!

Misuru:Hah!Sit on that!!!

Kamon:Hmm..Harvey and the others are not yet here

Garuburn:Are they in trouble?

Reggie:Whats taking them so long?

Yuki:Wow Reggie,After your lose,your already worried about Jane?

Grizz:Thats kinda rough bro!

Reggie:I said "Them" not "her"!*Blushes*

Samuru:Anyways,We need to contact the WBMA

Riki:Oh yeah!They gave us communicators*Pulls one out*

Samuru:*Turns on Communicator*Dad?This is Samuru,Can you hear me?

~Back at the WBMA/The Other Dimension(Communicating in the monitor)~

Mr.Shigami:Yes son!

Mr.Takakura:Ahh..Mr.Shigami,We never heard anything from you ever since.

Samuru:Because We have found the B-Daman

Kamon:Yeah,but he is almost like the B-Daman you were talking about

Samuru:his name is Thunder Hustler,B-Daman of Lighting and Speed

Everyone in the WBMA:*Gasps*

Mr.Takakura:Did you say....Lighting and speed?

Mr.Shigami:Thats Outragious!

Rory:How is that possible!!??

Riki:Well.....Its complicated tho'

Mr.Takakura:If that is so,does it have an emblem charge system?

Kamon:He has a Different one

Mr.Takakura:Hmm...This is pretty hard to think

Bakuga:How about you take your time to think while we're training.

Mr.Takakura:Very well then.

Kamon:Hey is my dad there?

Mr.Shigami:Yes,But he is busy making a new system just for you

Kamon:A new system?!

Rory:Contact us If you need some help!

Kamon:Wait!I want to know this kind of sys-

*Turns off the conversation*

~Back at the HAC HQ/Parallel dimension~

Kamon:Hmm..Thats so not cool!

*Door Opens*

Cynthie:HEY!!!!You guys!!!

Josh:Their Back!!!!

Kamon:Really where are they?


(The Junior Team came in with bruises and wounds around their skin)



Kamon:Harvey!*Helps him*What happened?



Chris:Well,not actually!Only one


Paul:Well............Sam you tell them!

Sam:You see,When we went to a building in 15 Detroit we saw "Her",She was causing the trouble and she Hit us several times with her giant hammer one by one 

Chris:Correction!"her" is Harley Quinn

Dravise:Whose that?

Paul:Female villian,Co-Leader of the IVC,and Jane's Long-time enemy

Jane:We've been enemies before I've become a member here!

Harvey:Well Babes Your enemy is really hard to fight with

Paul:Now we know how you feel!!

Jane:She never fought like that,guys

Chris:Yeah Right Chickster!

Jane:*Glares at Chris*When will you show respect?!

Paul:Look Spunker*Puts his arms around Jane*Oh for cornsakes!How can deal with that girl?! 


Sam:Oh!!Its finally working!!*Runs towards Monitor*

Harvey:What's working?

Sam:My B-Daman Locater!

Paul:B-Daman Locater?!

Sam:Yeah,It can track down any B-Daman here in Gem City


Sam:And it says....Hmph?!

Riki:Whats wrong?

Sam:I've only researched Thunder Hustler but It says there is a B-Daman near here 

(Harvey's eyes were wide open when Sam said there is B-Daman instead of Thunder Hustler)

Gen.Wayne:*Pops out frome nowhere*"Near here" huh?

All(except Samuru):*Screams*

Tankshell:Don't Scare us Like that!!!

Paul:He does that to everybody!!!!

Gen.Wayne:Looks like another B-Daman that is near here in HAC,Can you locate where it is? 

Sam:I can't!it-it does not actually locate where is it

Chris:Wow!wait to go SAM!




Harvey:Are we going to find that B-Daman?

Gen.Wayne:Well it depends,Whether it can be our alies or rather be against us all*leaves* 

Kamon:Could this be it?

Garuburn:Kamon!We can beg him to be at our side!

Harvey:Yeah,To be at our side,that......thats great!I'll go home!*Steps out of the door* 

All:*Looks back at Harvey*


Harvey:Yeah,I usually go home early everyday,Bye*leaves*

Paul:Dude,we still have 2 hours befo-


All: (O_O)


~Harvey's home~

Harvey:*Opens door and runs to his room*

Mrs.Santon:*Cooking*Hi Harvey!How's the agency?!

Harvey:Not now Mom!*Shuts door close*

Mrs.Santon:Huh?!what is up with that boy*Continue Cooking*

Harvey:Uh-No!no!no!!*Gets a figure*They know!Dragano,they might know!

??Unknown??:It is Okay Harvey,They won't expect you,They will never find out                                                 


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