Kamon fire Emblem Charge

Kamon firing his Emblem Charge - Burning Overdrive

Emblem Charge
(Jap: エンブレムチャージ, Enburemu Chāji) is a shooting technique introduced and utilized in B-Daman Fireblast.


An Emblem Charge is achieved when both of the Emblems on any Emblem Charge System B-Daman are pressed in. This will power up a shot, due to the force acting on it.


B-Daman FireblastEdit

When an Emblem Charge is charging up, the B-Der's eyes will light up with the Emblem's symbol representing the B-Daman they are firing from.

Kamon Day's Drive Garuburn was the first to use this, using it in Crank up the heat! Drive Garuburn! Upon doing so, the B-Dama shot out as a fiery blaze, showing off the power. It was able to take down all the pins in a single shot due to the combined power of that and the Drive core.

In the same episode, Samuru Shigami's Sonic Dravise performed it's first Emblem Charge. While the power wasn't demonstrated, it showed that Dravise's B-Animal appears.

In same episode too, Misuru Hachuka appears and his b-daman, Slot Stinger performed it's first Emblem Charge. The shot performed in a zig-zag pattern and was used to navigate between a gap in two fences during a Road Fight challenge.


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