General Information
Romaji Fangu Jackelu
Dubbed Jackel
User/s Miyako Shoryu
Special Move/s Vampire Scar
Japanese CV N/A
English CV N/A

Fang Jackel is a White and Yellow Jackel-type B-daman. Jackel is a Power-type B-Daman custom made and based off of Detonate Wolg with a handmade custom Spike Core. It was created by Miyako Shoryu. It is of the Emblem Charge System.

Appearance Edit

Jackel is a Jackel (not a wolf), with a shiny white body with yellow armor pieces around. The core has yellow hold parts with 3 Fang like prongs on the top of the barrel. He was made to be a Test Power type B-Daman whose Idea`s went into Miyako`s ultimate creation, Steel Wing Zekroid

Notable B-Daman Parts Edit

Head Part Edit

The Head Part of Fang is a white Wolf head with two green eyes. It has a yellow coating over it. The head of the wolf has a mane line part on it to allow a user to hold it smoothly

Emblem Parts Edit

Fang Jackels`s Emblem Parts are yellow buttons that are on the claws of his hands.

Stud Parts Edit

Fang Jackaels`s Stud Parts are circular solid light Yellow colored studs with single circle-designed then triangular hole in them.

Arm Parts Edit

The Jackel arms have spikes on the back of the shoulder areas like the original. The fists of the B-Daman has claws on it to resemble a lion's paw and on the side of it is where the emblems are. Instead of a place to put your ring fingers on the side of the arms, you put your ring fingers where the emblems are to activate the emblem charge.

Leg Parts Edit

Fang Jackals`s Leg Parts are a remake of Garuburn Leg with the removable talon on the feet put into the back replaced with a new foot part that looks like claws

Core Part "Fang" Edit

The Fang Core is a Replication of the Spike Core, a powerful core which wields a lot of power. It has a rubber Drive Strip inside and very thin hold parts. The Core also has rollers under each of the 3 "Fangs to give it the spin then the Power.

History Edit

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