Force Dragren
General Information
Kanji アサルト=ドラグレン
Romaji Asaruto=Doraguren
Dubbed Force Dragren
"Assault Dragren"
User/s Novu Moru
Special Move/s Super Dragon Buster
First Appearance Episode 14 (FBE14)
Japanese CV Koji Yusa

Force Dragren is a Precision Type B-Daman in the Emblem Charge System. It appears in the anime, B-Daman Fireblast owned by Novu Moru.

Body Set: Dragren Body 2

Head Part: Dragren Head 2

Force Dragren's Head Part retains the basic look of Strike Dragren. However, there exist various differences in their design. The horn is thinner and emulates a straighter design, rather than its predecessor's being slanted. Alongside this, the horn is adjustable - allowing for varied angles in target sighting. Behind, the two horns shaped to accommodate the horn sight have stretched out and composed extra ones, with two horns for each side. A gap appears for a possible Sight when the Emblem Parts are used in one Mode. The Head also retains anime eyes, though more stylized. Gold stickers have replaced the former decals whilst a darker shade of red is utilized.

Emblem Parts: Emblem Shields

Interestingly, the Emblem Shields are the first Emblem Parts not involving any action of pushing or pressing-down. Being silver, the Shields plug-into pegs found on the Arm Parts, a similar manner to Strike Dragren's wing stabilizers. Each Emblems resemble elongated shields with a protrusion jutting-off its surface.

Through the use of the Emblem Shields, up to four modes can be created.

  1. Barrel Mode: Form a two-sided Barrel in front of the Assault Core, straightening shots.
  2. Stabilizer Mode: Attach to the rear pegs of the Dragren Legs 2 for strengthened backside stabilization for Tune-Up Gear support and such.
  3. Sight Mode: Create an extra Sight between the Dragren Head 2's back horns for new opportunities in Accuracy.
  4. Emblem Charge Mode: Connect to the Studs in order to form "wing stabilizers" like Strike Dragren's Sniper Mode and for Emblem Charge .

Stud Parts

These Stud Parts are cylindrical and gold. The Emblem Shields can connect to form wing stabilizers.

Arm Parts: Dragren Arms 2

The Arm Parts have neglected to change much since its pre-evolved form. Still bent with similar-shaped fists, protrusions beside the elbows appear while other prostrations provide pegs for storage of the Emblem Shields.

Leg Part: Dragren Legs 2

These Leg Parts are flatter and longer than the Dragren Legs 1. Toe-like prostrations can be seen at the feet's tip. Also present are backside pegs for either the Emblem Shields or Dash Stabilizer to connect to.

Core Part: Assault

The Assault Core Part is grey and features four, yellow "claws" to straighten the shot and so the Emblem Shields can connect to form a Barrel. It has been described as "combining Power and Control" in its mechanism. The gold Trigger is also slightly elongated, with a triangular protrusion and curved surface for better precision. Assault shares a common body shell with Kreis.

Ultimate Dragren

As advertised, if nine Emblem Shields are obtained (through five purchases of Force Dragren), a special form known as "Ultimate Dragren" can be created. Through the aforementioned Emblem Shields, they cover every possible position on the figure. 2 for Barrel Mode, 2 for Stabilizer Mode, 1 for Sight Mode and 4 for Emblem Charge Mode (extra two connect to the Studs of the Arm Parts).

Due to this, it allows all four Modes to be emulated at once. As a result, Control is combined with Stabilization, Sight and the eCharge configurations.


  • Like with its predecessor, Force Dragren is voiced in the Japanese version by Koji Yusa.
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