Genjuro Kazanari
Genjuro Kazanari
Kanji 風鳴 弦十郎
Romaji Kazanari Genjūrō
Dubbed Genjuro Kazanari
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 31 「EC
32 「S2
Hair Color Crimson
Eye Color Golden
Occupation/s Government Agent
Division General
Status Alive
Japanese CV Hideo Ishikawa
English CV Jamieson Price
Genjuro Kazanari is a character appears in B-Daman Firemerge, he served as the 2nd Division General of Sky Feder and a close friend of Raine. He actually an agent from the government.


Kazanari (風鳴) - Crying Wind


Genjuro is a tall and muscular man with gold eyes, spiky red hair, and a goatee. He is most often seen wearing a red dress-shirt with his sleeves rolled up and a pink tie with its end tucked into his left breast pocket, light beige slacks and black and blue athletic shoes.

He is also seen in various suits.


Genjuro is a mature, responsible man. He specifically identifies himself as OTONA (おとな/大人, meaning "Adult") in front of most of the crew, and acts as the parental figure for most of them.

Genjuro has a warm and outspoken personality. Although he looks rough and goes to the dramatic side very easily, deep down he cares a lot about people around him, especially the Rinne and Millay. He is also a huge fan of action movies. He claims that he gained his superior fighting skills through "Eat a lot, sleep well, and watch action movies".


  • Genjuro is a character from Senki Zesshou Symphogear.
  • His height is 194cm

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