Grand Chokmah
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『The Royal Palace of Royal Family Granfernes』
General Information
Kanji グランド コクマア
Romaji Gurando Kokumaa
Dubbed Grand Chokmah
"Grand Chocmah"
Ruled by Alexander Granfernes
Status Active
Grand Chokmah is a kingdom in Germany, or better known as the Floating Capital - Located in southern of the North Sea and near to Netherlands.

General Information Edit

Population about 600,000. It is current ruled by the noble royal family itself.

For many centuries, Grand Chokmah once was Dragold's base. The Granfernes Family are the guardian of the Golden Dragon.

Every child that born in the royal family, Granfernes, only one of them will have the rightful to become Dragold's successor at the age of a teenager. 14 years prior the story, the youngest daughter of the Granfernes Family, the Golden Dragon who is in its slumber reacted to the child's birth and her abilities. She was chosen to be the next Successor of Dragold.

Unfortunately, Dragold itself made a mistake and took a boy called Rudy Sumeragi as its successor. Which the end, Dragold was defeated and made a choice; free all of the b-animals to the world and scattered its parts to all over the globe, the dragon rest in peace. It was said that Dragold's spirit still lied in this world.

Gallery Edit

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