Grizz Sukino
Kanji 月輪 ゴウイチロ
Romaji Tsukinowa Gouichiro
Dubbed Grizz Sukino
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 11
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Occupation/s B-Shot
B-Daman  Thunder Bearga
Status Alive
First Appearance Episode 1 (CFE01)
Japanese CV Akio Suyama
English CV Ron Allen

Grizz Sukino is the main character in B-Daman Crossfire along with his b-daman, Thunder Bearga. He return to B-Daman Fireblast only in two episode, FBE22 and FBE26 and served as a supporting character.


Tsukinowa (月輪) - means lit. Moon ring

Grizz - derived from Grizzly Bear

Official Bio

A wild B-Shot who belongs to the East Block.

His B-Daman is the power type Thunder Bearga.

He demolishes the targets with powerful plays that utilize his large physic.

He is an athletic type who is usually calm and kind, but when it comes to competing he gets more excited than anyone and has a strong sense of justice.


Grizz Sukino is an eleven year old boy with dark skin, purple hair and purple eyes. His hair is short and spiky and his eyebrows are long and black. He wears a white t-shirt and a purple stripe, he wears it under an orange/brown button up top with flower designs, purple stripes and a purple pocket protector. He wears bright blue shorts with yellow stripes and brown scandals with a toe guard.

B-Daman Crossfire

Episode 1

Grizz debuts in the the secret training facility welcoming Riki with several other members. He is the first one to go up against the testing machine when he dominates the first stage using his Super-Shot, "Claw Slash". Afterwards, he is tested with another stage where he fails to succeed. After that, he is seen among other members laughing at Riki's poor preformance on the second stage.

Episode 2

Grizz returns at the second Crossfire challenge, Enchanted Long Bridge, but loses his ranking to Riki and Kaito. During Kaito's challenge, Grizz is seen ridiculing him, due to his lateness, and later on cheers Riki's first place performance.



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