Guardian Beasts
are the protectors in every Ancient Dragons Ruins. When the time has come, the arrival of each dragon wielders will accept their trials to become stronger. They are located more deeply in the ruins. They stated themselves that they been watching everything for thousand centuries ago.

Known Beasts

Genesis Dragonoid

Genesis Dragonoid is the leader and the protector of "The Azure Dragon of Strength and Bond", he is located in the Ancient Dragon Ruin at East-north of Easthern.


Grandeeney is the protector of "The White Jade Dragon of Life and Light" , she is located at the White Jade Dragon Ruin at Western.


Lyvia is the protector of "The Dark Dragon of Nightmare" , he is located in the Ancient Dragon Ruin at Southwest of Southern.


Skiadrum is the protector of "The Black Dragon of Dark Sun", he is located at the Ancient Dragon Ruin at East-south of Eastern.


Apollonir is the protector of "The Red Dragon of Passionate Flame", he is located at the Ancient Dragon Ruin at Northeast of Northern.

Atlas Flame

Atlas Flame is the Protector of the "The Fire Dragon of Crimson Soul", he is located at the Ancient Dragon Ruin at Southeast of Southern.


Weisslogia is the protector of the "The White Dragon of Hurricane", he is located in the Ancient Dragon Ruin at West-north of Western.

Scissor Runner

Scissor Runner is the protector of "Black Dragon of dark dawn", he is located in the Ancient Dragon Ruin at West-south of Western.


Drotriagana is the protector of "The Twin Dragon of the Black Stream", he is located in the Ancient Dragon Ruin at Northwest of Northern.

Rock Locks

Rock Locks is the protector of "White Dragon of Destruction", he guards the dragon for centuries, he is located in the White Dragon of Destruction Ruin at Eastern.

Element Guardian Beast Legendary Dragon Location
Haos-Button Light Genesis dragonoid Genesis Dragonoid Rising Dracyan East-north of Eastern
Haos-Button Light Grandeeney Prop Grandeeney White Wavern Western
Aquos-Button Water Levia square Lyvia Night Hydranoid then Dual Hydranoid Southwest of Southern
Apollonir01 Apollonir Blitz Dragonoid then Titanium Dragonoid Northeast of Northern
Darkus-Button Darkness Dark Dragon profile image Drotriagana Stream Drazeros Northwest of Northern
Atlas Flame profile image Atlas Flame Force Dragren Southeast of Southern
Ventus-Button Wind Weisslogia Weisslogia Sonic Dravise East-north of Western
May be Earth
Scissor Runner Scissor Runner Doom Dharak then Phantom Dharak West-south of Western
Darkus-Button Darkness B-MALE NO IMAGE Skiadrum Cyborg Helios then Helios MK2 East-south of Eastern
Subterra-Button Earth Rock Dragon Rock Locks White Naga Eastern


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