Gyro Shima
Yui Hotori
'Gyro when he was young
Kanji 白詠 宕在
Romaji Shiroei Gozai
Dubbed Gyro Shima
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 29 (Past)

35 (Current)

Hair Color Amber Brown
Eye Color Dark Grey
Occupation/s CEO President of Symphony Company
Status Alive
Japanese CV Eiji Takemoto
English CV Jeremy Harris
Gyro Shima is a minor character appears in B-Daman Firemerge. He is the President of Symphony Company, he is the uncle of Ryukai, Ryuken, Rimai and Rinne and the older brother of Ryan Shima. He’s served as a guardian of Ryan and Raine’s children.


Shiroei (白詠) - White Wings

Hotorii (辺威) - Lit.Authority Side


Gyro is a man about 35s with a similar resemblance with his brothers, his hairstyle and his hair is amber colored. He wears grey blazer, white shirt, grey pants and black shoes.


Gyro cares for his brothers, sister (in-law, Raine), nephews and nieces. After Raine’s death and Ryan’s missing, he took care over their children along his brother-in-law Tsukasa. He’s a hardworking and caring uncle to Rinne them, he always asks them if there something he can do for them that revealed he cares for them even though they declined it. He’s also the one who control Chrome City that include the schools too. He even helps Rinne for her abroad.


  • Shiroei are not their real names, Ryan and his brothers used it as a stage name.
  • Gyro is a character from Shugo Chara! named Yui Hotori.

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