Himiko Day
Kanji 御代 ヒミコ
Romaji Godai Himiko
Dubbed Himiko Day
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age Perhap 40+
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Occupation/s Archaeologist
Status Alive
Japanese CV Ryōka Yuzuki
Himiko Day is a character in B-Daman Fireblast. She is the matriarch of the Day family, being the wife of Greg, and the mother of Kamon, Eona, and Roma.

Appearance Edit

Himiko is a well endowed woman with red hair which been inherited by her son and blue eyes. She wears yellow colored shirt with green and red line pattern. She also wears a light brown vest/shirt which means that she's an archeologist. She wears belt, blue pants and brown boots.

Personality Edit

Like the other members of her family, Himiko has a hot temper when something upsets her. Otherwise, she is outgoing, caring to her children (sometimes to the point of embarrassing them), and a loving wife to Greg. She is also shown to be a terrible cook, a direct contrast to her daughter. Himiko is also familiar with Samuru's father, as she is one of his colleagues in archaeology. She also calls Garuburn "Garu-chan", much to the B-Daman's embarrassment.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Garuburn somehow take Himiko's personality, hot temper.
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