Huwuki Himura
Kanji 緋村 吹雪
Romaji Himura Huwuki
Dubbed Huwuki Himura
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 15
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Occupation/s Student, Samurai(?), B-Shot
B-Daman Boost Welsh Dragoon
Status Alive
Japanese CV Mayo Suzukaze

Huwuki Himura is the male main protagonist that's in Cross Fight B-Daman THE-X, he is a B-Shot who originally lives In Tokyo, he was born in a samurai family, he goes to school like everybody else, but he always bring a katana with him, he is always too nice to others and having fun with his daily life.

Etymology Edit

吹雪(Hubuki) means 'Blowing Snow' but because of his parents name him wrong, is read as 'Huwuki'

Appearance Edit

He skip school a lot of time even know his parent don't really care about it, he wears Samurai cloths and bring alone a katana with him, even know his parents is still alive, he live by himself alone in a small house.

His B-Daman is Boost Welsh Dragoon Which is a special type of B-Daman that he have create and only he can use because this B-Daman is require with a special Technique that only he have mastered, that Technique is called Boost Chain

Personality Edit

Because of his family, he have an 'Funny Way' of talking, he talking like a samurai, and he talk old style Japanese most of the time, and always saying -Degozaru for the finish of speaking, and always call him self 'Seisha' instead of I, he have been traveling around the world sense he was 8, because of his family reason, he have been in a wander for a long time, and because of that, he have a heart ot a grown-up and mastered multiple-skills and languages.

Quotes Edit

Seisha just a Wander Samurai-Degozaru

—Huwuki's Self-introduction

"Thanks For Everything, And, Shōsei is a wanderer, So Long-Degozaru."

—Huwuki's Goodbye to his family and his friend



  • Huwuki's birthday is June 20, 2000
  • Huwuki`s blood type is AB
  • Huwuki Knows over 8 languages and can speak them well.
  • Huwuki is great at cooking

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