Chris Yukine - Ichaival Bow Version
General Information
Kanji イチイバル
Romaji Ichiibaru
Dubbed Ichaival
User/s Millay Shirley
First Appearance EC015

Ichaival is the Symphogear system created from a fragment of the second Classified Armed Gear, it is used by Millay Shiya and it focuses its weaponry on long range-projectiles weaponry.

General Information

12 years prior the beginning of the story, Ichaival was a experiment and uncompleted Armed Gear and its once kept in the government basement until the case happened, which is the unfinished kidnapped case.

Ichaival might have stolen when the case was happened at the same time or stolen from the unknown "Gang". For a long time searching for the gear but no clues or sign of it. The government called off the case. Now, it is current used by Millay Shiya and it is completed Armed Gear, it still unknown how she get it and from who. Now Ichaival is kept along with Heavenrend by Sky Feder until their users need them again.

Activation Tune

Hikigane ni Kaketa Yubi de Yume wo Nazoru
銃爪にかけた指で夢をなぞる (聖詠)

Killiter Ichaival Tron
Evening draws in the awakened Ichaival

Ichaival's Activation Song


Ichaival can change to any kind of forms of red colored long range-projectiles weapons and its primary form is a pair of crossbows that fire up to five homing beam arrows each.The Gear forms from her forearm armor and can retract at will to allow use of her hands. They also have a smaller pistol form more suited for close combat.


  • Chris Yukine - Billion Maiden
  • Chris firing with Gatling form of Ichaival
  • Chris Yukine - Mega Deth Quartet
  • Billion Maiden - Millay transforms her crossbows into a pair of double tri-barrle Gatlings that fit over each of her arms, trading the homing properties of her crossbows for raw firepower. This is Millay's favorite configuration, and she is rarely seen not using it to the extent that her official art usually displays her with Billion Maiden active.
  • Megadeth Quartet - A supercharged attack wherein Millay's armor transforms into a large, braced backpack which produces a quartet of missiles several times larger than Millay herself. While it can destroy large amount of opponents in a single shot, Millay is vulnerable while the attack is charging. An attack of this attack only creates two missiles and has no supplementary fire, but is much faster to charge as a result.

Official Concept

Original Series : Weaponry


Ichaival is a bow owned by Odin and is capable of turning one arrow shot into ten arrows shots.


  • Ichaival is a Relic from Symphogear Series.