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General Information
Kanji イガリマ
Romaji Igarima
Dubbed Igalima
User/s Kirina Hiyoku

Igalima is the seventh classified Armed Gear that clads by Kirina Hiyoku. Its counterpart is Shul Shagana and its form is a green scythe that is meant to cut souls and spirits.

General Information

Activation Tune


Kirina's Armed Gear is a green scythe capable of transforming into exotic edged weapons, which in its inactive form instead resembles a sickle. In addition to this, Igalima's four shoulder pauldrons can be used as rockets or grappling hooks.


Shul Shagana (Šulšagana) and Igalima are the children of Zababa and Ningirsu (the main god of the pantheon of the city-state of Lagaš) of the Sumerian god mythology.



  • Igalima is a relic from Symphogear TV Series.
  • If you were to put Hime's and Kirina's (or Shirabe's and Kirika's from the TV Series) battle songs together, they would be in perfect sync. This would make sense seeing as that both of their relics are based on blades used by the Sumerian god Zababa, they have sung the remix of both of their songs, Edge Works of Goddess ZABABA.