Kaito Samejima
Kanji 鮫島 カイト -海人-
Romaji Samejima Kaito
Dubbed Kaito Samejima
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Age 11
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Occupation/s B-Shot
B-Daman Lightning Fin
Status Alive
First Appearance Episode 2 (CFE02)
Japanese CV Meguru Takahashi
English CV Erin Fitzgerald

Kaito Samejima is a main character of B-Daman Crossfire. He is a repatriate children and his b-daman is Lightning Fin whose is a Rapid-fire type b-daman. He return to B-Daman Fireblast as a supporting character, appears in only two episode, FBE22 and FBE26.


Kaito (カイト -海人- ) - means Kite

Samejima (鮫島) - means Shark Island

Official Bio

An energetic, cheery B-Shot who belongs to the East Block.

His B-Daman is the rapid-fire type Lightning Fin.

Since he has lived abroad, he has a straightforward and open personality.

He enjoys entertaining the spectators with flashy, “charming plays,” like his impressive one-handed rapid-fire.


Kaito is an eleven year old boy with blonde hair and forest green eyes. On his head he wears a red and blue beanie and has his head spiked downwards. His eyebrows are a spiky black and has a small bandage on his right cheek. He wears a beaten up striped shirt colored white and gray under a green jacket with a red stripe on the right arm. He wears blue pants that are rolled up to under his knees. He also wears blue and white normal shoes.

B-Daman Crossfire

Episode 2

Kaito debuts in B-Daman Crossfire arriving late as the eighth contestant. He would first be ridiculed by the Cross Fight Commissioner and his peers but it did not seem to phase him but instead encourage him to battle better. Kaito equips his gear and uses reckless rapid fire and his super shot to win the 3rd place slot in Enchanted Long Bridge.


  • He is the only character besides Akira Saiga whose name was kept unchanged in the Dub version.
  • His given name is the same Romaji as the given names of Kaito Namihira of Crash B-Daman and Kaito Murakami of Super B-Daman.
    • The three also own B-Daman possessing an affinity for water.
    • However, it could be possible that Samejima's given name is supposed to be written with the same Kanji (海人 Kaito) as Namihira's and Murakami's given names except that everyone's given name in Cross Fight B-Daman are officially written in Katakana (カイト Kaito) instead.


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