Kanade Otoha
Kanji 音羽 奏
Romaji Otohane Kanade
Dubbed Kanade Otoha
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age 15-16
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Occupation/s Pop Idol
Status Alive
First Appearance SV001
Japanese CV Minami Takayama

Kanade Otoha is Lynne's partner who of Zwei Wing and her childhood friend. She also a student of Seimine Academy.


Otohane (音羽) - Means "Wings of Sound". -means "Sound" while 羽-means wings

Kanade (奏) - The term Kanade (奏) means to play or perform, such as with a musical instrument.


Kanade was a tall girl who well endowed and has long fluffy red hair that fell down to her waist and red eyes.

Her Zwei Wing concert clothes consisted of a light pink and hot pink strapless pleated dress with a light yellow petticoat, a large coral colored bow and a right wing on her bustle. She wore it with a light pink scarf and white heels.

Kanade's Height stated to be 167.5cm (65.499 inches), Weight is 60kg and B / W / H is 87 / 59 / 90


Kanade was a cheerful and brave person. She always the one who encouraging Lynne beside Shinji Ogawa. She sometime loves to tease her but which made her feel comfortable.


Kanade may not have a Guardian Character or once have, she has the ability to see Guardian Characters.


  • Kanade is a character originally from Senki Zesshou Symphogear.
  • Her hairstyle has a shape of a feather.
  • Kanade has a mother-like personality. When she is near Lynne she takes the role of a mother bird while Lynne is the chick.

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