Lynia Fujisaki
Kanji 藤咲 リマイ -莉舞-
黒詠 リマイ
Romaji Fujisaki Rimai
Kuroei Rimai
Dubbed Lynia Fujisaki
Lynia Kuromi
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age 13 「EC
14-15 「SC
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Cyan
Occupation/s B-Shot
Japanese Dancer
B-Daman Night Hydranoid
Dual HydranoidEC
Alpha HydranoidSV
Status Alive
First Appearance EC006
Japanese CV Saeko Chiba
English CV Cristina Vee
Lynia Fujisaki is a character appears in B-Daman Firemerge and younger sister of Ryukai and Ryuken, the older sister of Lynné and is Ryan Shima & Raine Kuromi’s elder daughter while also is Gyro Shima and Tsukasa Shima’s niece.

She’s also a role model with her brother and a Japanese traditional dancer. She partnered with Hydranoid who’s evolved to Dual Hydranoid.


Fujisaki (藤咲) - means lit. Wisteria Bloom

Kuroei (黒詠) - Black Wings

Rimai (リマイ -莉舞-) - Means dance of the jasmine


Lynia is teenage girl who appears to be about Novu’s height.

According to Riki and his friends, Lynia is very pretty. She has gentle blue-green eyes and long pink hair that is tied up into a tall straight ponytail with yellow bands with a Sakura flower on the right.

She wears a yellow blouse with frilled lapel and layered cuffs. Underneath it is a black dress with grey frills and accents. She also wears black high heels, black bracelets on her left wrist, a black choker, black necklace with a rectangular silver pendant on it. When performing BLACK DIAMOND, she only changes her blouse into a short white vest with long frilled and layered sleeves and sunglasses.

Her height stated to be 162cm[1] and her B/W/H is B83 / W59 / H84[2]


Lynia is mature, elegant young lady with a smile that always on her face even sometimes she can be inertia. She and she sister, Lynné are natural beauties but doesn’t concern that much. Lynia may have angel-like gentle pretty face but can has sarcastic demonic side too. She loves music and cares a lots for her family.

Guardian Character

Like normal children and most of the Guardians, Lynia has a Guardian Character which she desire for.

「Coming soon...」

Abilities & Power

「Coming soon...」


  • Lynia can considers to be Cross Fight Version Nadeshiko, they almost looks the same and their personality almost the same too.
  • Lynia's character design is inspired by Luka Megurine from Vocaloids.
  • Lynné, Ryukai, Ryuken, Lynia, Ryan (Reiyuu in Japanese) and Lyrné is a family that loves music and their names start with R.
  • Lynia and her siblings all use dragon type b-damans.
  • Her blood type is O.[3]
  • Lynia's Zodiac Sign is Virgo.[4]
  • Her birthday is September 22th.[5]
  • Her favorites are Tarts and tea.[6]
  • Her favorite sports are mostly Volleyball and Basketball since she disguised herself when she young.[7]


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