Ryan Shima


Ryan Shima

is Rimai's father, he loves Rimai for her love for music too. Rimai respects and loves her father's music and violin, eventually she thought she would become a violinist too once.

Raine Amou

Raine is Rimai's beloved mother, Raine's passionate in singing more than anything, but she loves her family more. She died for saving Rinne from a Kidnapping Case, its still unknown how she died, even Rinne won't tell about it.

Ryukai Kuromi

Ryukai is Rimai's oldest brother and athe leader of More-Than-True, when he was still 8s.

Ryuken Kouno

Ryuken is Rimai's second brother, they are close as that Rinne and Ryukai, Ryuken cares for Rimai a lots. He kinda protective about her.

Rinne Utau

Rinne is Rimai's younger sister, she cares a lots about her than Ryukai and Ryuken. Rimai thinks a lots for Rinne, example, she wants to tell Rinne after losing to Riki, but she chose not to because this would make Rinne feel worse.

Gyro Shima

Gyro is Rimai's uncle who served the silbings as a guardian after Raine's death and Ryan's missing.

Tsukasa Amakawa

Tsukasa is Rimai's uncle. He served as Rinne's personal Guardian from Raine's death.

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