Screen Shots

Art Concept

B-Daman Firemerge

Cross Fight B-Daman and the Swan Song of the Valkyries

Cross Fight B-Daman☆Shugo Chara! - Dokki!


First Season : Rin Shirotama


  • Lynné's height during her first debut is 150cm (59 inches)
  • Lynné's height had grown during The Black Dragon of Dark Dawn Arc, it had grew to 153cm (60 inches)
  • The Younger Lynné's height is 133cm (52.3 inches)
  • In Season 2, her height stated to be 157cm (61.811 Inches)
  • In Season 1, her weight stated to be 45kg and in Season 2, her weight stated to be 47kg.
  • In Season 2, her B / W / H is 81 / 56 / 86

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