Ryan Shima


Ryan Shima and Raine Amou in Flashback

Ryan is Rinne's father, he loves Rinne for her love for music too. Rinne loves her father's music and violin, especially when he plays with Raine with him to sing a song for the whole family.

Raine Amou

Raine is Rinne's beloved mother, she and Rinne bears the resemblances which made Riki them to a surprise. Raine's voice is inherited to Rinne, Raine's passionate in singing more than anything, but she loves her family more. She died for saving Rinne from a Kidnapping Case, its still unknown how she died, even Rinne won't tell about it.

Ryukai Kuromi

Naoto Suzukawa 21

*Flashback* Ryukai Opposed Rinne to study abroad again.

Ryukai is Rinne's oldest brother and the most caring one for her. He is passionate in music so he started to learn music and even stared a band called More-Than-True, when he was still 8s, Rinne ran away from house and going abroad without telling them which leave Ryukai worrying. When she just back from house, she said she will continued study abroad which to Ryukai's displease. They even had a fight over for that but Rinne doesn't bother about, a few times later Ryukai came to a realization that Rinne had her own dream to fulfilled. He lets Rinne continued studying abroad.

Ryuken Kouno

Ryuken is Rinne's second brother, they are not that close as she and Ryukai, but Ryuken agreed Rinne for studying abroad even though he's disappointed because he thinks about Rinne's future so he let's her fulfilled by herself.

Rimai Fujisaki

Rimai is Rinne's older sister, Rimai is loving and caring to her, sometimes Rimai can soft on her when she's depressed or sad but she can't because it will only make Rinne look down herself.

Gyro Shima

Tsukasa Amakawa 4

Tsukasa Amakawa

Gyro is Rinne's uncle who served the siblings as a guardian after Raine's death and Ryan's missing.

Tsukasa Amakawa

Tsukasa is Rinne's uncle and the closest person which Rinne can trust in even due to his inertia personality. Tsukasa is the one who bring Rinne to study abroad. He served as Rinne's personal Guardian from Raine's death.

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