Love Life

Samuru Shigami

Izayoi Anime04

Izayoi Sakamaki

Izayoi Sakamaki

Kukai Souma

Kairi Sanjo

Nagihiko Fujisaki


Genjuro Kazanari

Genjuro and Lynné have a father and daughter relationship, they both trusted each other for no doubts for 6 years. Lynné requested herself to Genjuro to help her training in combat. Genjuro cares for Lynné too, even her safety too. Lynné stayed at his house for training.

Shinji Ogawa

Shinji Ogawa

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Genjuro saving Rinne in the past

Shinji Ogawa

Shinji served as an assistant for Lynné and a informant, he also had a brotherly figure towards Lynné. Lynné


Riki Ryugasaki

Lynné hate Riki because of his naive and for trusting people easily accept them as a friend, she scold Riki for multiple times and its big. But after realizing that she doesn't have the courage to believe in friends, she make up with Riki at the airport before studying abroad again. Which leads Riki to developed a sister and brother relationship with her, she acts like Riki's older sister.

Millay Shirley

Millay and Lynné was friends until Millay infrutrated and took the information about gangs which lead Lynné to hate her, as a traitor. Lynné never address Millay by her name if need to, she called her "Traitor" or "Bastard" or both. But after they make up, Lynné and Millay developed a sisterly relationship, Lynné is mature enough to be the older sister figure and because of Millay's stubborness which she's to be the younger sister figure.

Kanade Otoha

Kanade is Lynné's partner and childhood friend. Kanade is the one who invite her to join her as Zwei Wing, a famous Idol Unit. Kanade loves to tease her, but despite this Kanade is very caring of her. Kanade describes Lynné, a "Clumsy, Shy, and little Cry Baby". Kanade has a motherly figure towards her, Kanade acts like a mother chicken while she acted as the litttle chick.

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