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Naoto Suzukawa Child

Ryukai when he was young

Raine is the "Glory of Chrome City", she's a top singer idol for it. Despite this, she also a popular b-shot once but retired, she also took part-time jobs like officer. She's once was the Vice-President of Symphony Company, and an agent from the government. She was the first boss emperor of Sky Feder. She died for saving her daughter prior the story, but is unknown how she died.


Raine was born in an island of Chrome City, called Vertropa the Fortune Island. Her parents divorced, she was took by her grandparents. She loves singing, she became a teenage idol in the age of 14s. She became the Boss Emperor for Sky Feder after two years. She fall for a young man named Ryan, they married and give birth to 4 child.

Prior Events before the Story

  • She born in the island of Vertropa, on 26th July.
    Leon Souryuu Child

    Ryuken when he was young

  • Her parents was divorced and followed by her grandparents.
  • She became a top singer idol in the age of 14 while took the title of "Queen of Music".
  • She became the Boss Emperor of Sky Feder in the age of 16 with Genjuro and the others join her.
  • She became an agent of the government later.
  • She received Gungnir at some point before meeting Ryan.
  • She met Ryan in the age of 17 and married him in the age of 18s.
  • She became the Vice President when she was 18s.
  • She gives birth to 4 child;
    •  First, Ryukai born on 1st July.
    •  Next is Ryuken, born six days later from Ryukai.
    •  Then is Rimai, born on 28th September.
    •  Finally is the youngest, Rinne who born on 1st August.
  • She quit the place of Vice President in the age of 24.
  • She died in the age of 26s.

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