Ryan Shima

Tsukasa Amakawa 11

Tsukasa mentioned Raine and Ryan

Ryan is Raine's husband, she loves his love for music, they sometime plays/sings together to the whole family.

Rinne Utau

Raine is Rinne's beloved mother, she and Rinne bears the resemblances which made Riki them to a surprise. Raine's voice is inherited to Rinne, Raine's passionate in singing more than anything, but she loves her family more. She died for saving Rinne from a Kidnapping Case, its still unknown how she died, even Rinne won't tell about it.

Unnamed Father

Miyoko De Morcelf Amou

Miyoko is from France born as a viscount, she and her husband divorced. At France, she helped Lyrne look after Lynne for her sometimes when she's at France. Miyoko believed that Ryan will come back when the time is right.

Ryukai Kuromi

Ryukai is her eldest son, Ryukai admired his mother so learn music.
Leon Souryuu 16

Ryuken when he was young

Ryuken Kouno

Ryuken is Raine's second son, Raine always plays with Ryuken with B-Daman.

Rimai Fujisaki

Rimai is Raine's eldest daughter, Rimai admired her mother and always teach her how to dance.

Gyro Shima

Gyro is Raine's brother in law who served the her child as a guardian after her death and Ryan's missing.

Tsukasa Amakawa

Tsukasa is Raine's brother and the closest person which she and Rinne can trust in even due to his inertia personality. He served as Rinne's personal Guardian from Raine's death.

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