Genjuro Kazanari

519416-genjuro kazanari


Genjuro and Raine are close friends and agents from the government. They both seem to trust each other very much enough Genjuro almost can cry after Raine's death. Genjuro is the one who suggest Rinne, her daughter to be her successor of Sky Feder.

Himiko Day and Gennosuke Shigami

Himiko and Gennosuke are friends with Raine, they all met and worked together for searching legendary b-damans.

Shinji Ogawa, Sakuya Fujitaka and Aoi Tomosato

Her relationship with them are not clear or close, but some point, Shinji them admired Raine.

Alexander and Natalia Grandfernes

Raine them met in Germany, they get along well.

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