Matrix Mason
Alias/s Trix
Character Profile
Gender Male ♂
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Occupation/s Dancer


"You can't try this girl,why?,Do you want me to show you why?"====


Appearance Edit

She wears a black jacket that is open along with a pink and black stripe shirt,she wears black or blue pants with black boots.she is a tall young girl who has a curvious body,and her hair is black and layered.

Personality Edit

She is very kind,mischief,calm and sarcastic,she can be a little tough in the inside but innocent in the outside, She loves Music and Dancing,she is a very good dancer and a young journalist and people says that she is the believer in her class,She knows Aona and Roma very well because they were friends since elementary,she also is warming up to Reggie Mak,Hugo Raidoh,Jenta Kokuji,Ken Ogami,Bakuga Shira as friends especially Ken after a weird new feeling started developing.

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