Miyako Shoryu
Kanji 宮崎 のどか
Romaji Shoryu Miyako
Dubbed Miya Shoryu
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age 16
Hair Color Blue Violet
Eye Color Purple
Occupation/s Mechanic, Librarian Assistant, B-Shot
B-Daman Steel Wing Zekroid (Main)
Fang Jackel (Power B-Daman)
Status Alive
Japanese CV Mamiko Noto
English CV Leah Clark

Miyako Shoryu is a B-Daman Mechanic who works at the local Library. She is a very well respected B-Mechanic, but doesn`t like to brag due to her shyness and fear around most people.

Etymology Edit

美 (mi) meaning "beautiful"
夜 (ya) meaning "night"
子 (ko) meaning "child"

Appearance Edit

Miyako has long hair which covers up her eyes. She wears a normal High school uniform in and out of school, possibly due to her fear of going outside for too long. She has black stocking and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Miyako is the shy bookworm of her highschool class. As a member of the Librarian Club, she spends plenty of time in the library and helps in the book store. Her involvement with books gives her the nickname of “librarian girl” or “bookshop". Initially, she uses her hair to cover her eyes completely. As her confidence grows, her hairstyle changes to the point where both eyes are made visible by a short ponytail. She is among the higher-scoring students in her grade, placing twenty-first for the entire school at her grade level and fourth in her own class.

Quotes Edit

I... have to make my own impossible goals possible, otherwise nothing will change.

—Miyako realizing her shyness is holding her from doing anything



  • Miyako`s Zodiac Sign is Taurus as she was born on May 10th.
  • Miyako`s blood type is O
  • Miyako actually has an American Drivers License. She is working on getting a Japanese one.

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