Aikatsu ep11 2
General Information
Kanji モア・ダン・トルウ
Romaji Moa Dan Toruu
Dubbed More-Than-True
Leader Ryukai Kuromi
Members Ryuken Shima
Rinne Utau
First Appearance EC003
Status Active

More-Than-True is a famous indie rock band, the band started as a roadside band in Crestland. This is a band appears in B-Daman Firemerge.

Once they got their contract the group's popularity skyrocketed and they topped the charts immediately after their debut. Actually More-Than-True is a boy band consisting four members.


  • Ryukai Kuromi - Leader, vocalist and guitarist
  • Ryuken Shima - Drummer
  • Hiro - Lead Guitarist (former), Guitarist
  • Shurato - Bassist
  • Rinne Utau - Manager (Briefly, Former)


  • This is a band copy from Aikatsu! Series because this is a fandom wiki so it's alright.

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