Ms. Ryugasaki
'Riki's mother'
Kanji カケルの母
Romaji Kakeru no Haha
Dubbed Riki's mother
Ms. Ryugasaki
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age Late 30s
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Brown
Occupation/s Mother
Status Alive
Japanese CV Haruhi Terada
English CV Liz Joseph

Ms. Ryugasaki' is the mother of Riki Ryugasaki and a semi-reccuring character in B-Daman Crossfire.


Ryugasaki (龍ヶ崎) - Means Dragon's flag point

Appearance & Personality

She and Riki bears almost the same resemblance, she has long dark blue hair which tied into a low ponytail and a pair of brown eyes. She is a well-endowed woman with average height. The outfit that she wears through the series is a pale yellow blouse and a pink apron. She's a loving and caring mother to Riki.

B-Daman Crossfire

While Riki was anxiously waiting his first Cross Fight call his mother comes in to give him his lunch but is quickly kicked out by Riki confusing her.


Cross Fight B-Daman Chibi-Novu Dragren
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