Ms. Yamashiro
Kanji カケルの先生
Romaji Kakeru no Sensei
Dubbed Ms Yamashiro
Character Profile
Gender Female ♀
Age Late 20s
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Occupation/s Teacher
Status Alive
First Appearance Episode 1 (CFE01)

Ms Yamashiro is Rikiand Sumi's class teacher.


She is a tall woman with long bushy brown hair and purple eyes. She wears visible lipsticks. The outfits that she wears often is a purple sweater and inside is a white shirt. She wears black skirt and shoes.


She appears to be a rather strict person but after being attracted by Riki's books about history and ruins, she becomes a fan of mystery just like Riki does.

B-Daman Crossfire

Ms. Yamashiro took away Riki's book while he was supposed to pay attention.

B-Daman Fireblast

She makes the cameo appearance along with Akira Saiga in the finale credits. She is seen in the museum checking out artifacts.

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